Miracle Makeup Sponge Blender
Miracle Makeup Sponge Blender
Miracle Makeup Sponge Blender

Miracle Makeup Sponge Blender

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Miracle make up sponge foundation applicator.

Before using the sponge puff, use a large amount of water to make the makeup look better.

1. Before using the liquid foundation, moisten the sponge puff with water, so that the makeup can achieve the best results.

2. can usually be used for foundation, when applying liquid foundation and cream, finally use it to press, the makeup will last, and look good, use the plane of the bottom coin size to press the forehead chin and other parts, the side curved surface can be used for cheeks And the neck, narrow face or tip can be used for makeup on the nose and eyelids.

3. the position of the pointed head can accurately handle the position of the gap of the nose, which can perfectly fill the foundation and can solve the problem of toner powder well.

Dry -
Suitable for powdery foundation makeup, such as blush, loose powder, powder cake, eye shadow, concealer and other dry powder products.

Wet -
Suitable for liquid makeup, such as concealer, sunscreen, cream, liquid foundation and other liquid products.

How to clean and maintain the sponge puff?

1. When the puff is dirty, please use warm water and a small amount of neutral lotion to repeatedly squeeze the deep dirt of the sponge. After the water vapor is completely evaporated, it can be stored or reused.

2. sponge puff is relatively fragile, do not tighten after soaking in water, but also try to avoid direct contact with the nail to prevent scratching the surface of the puff.

3. If you find that the elasticity is not good or discolored, please replace it with new ones. It is recommended to replace the puff on the 15th to 30th to avoid bacterial growth.

4. Avoid contact with high temperature or sunlight.

Evaluation criteria for sponge puff purchase

1. Porosity: The size and intensity of the pores can be seen whether the sponge puff will waste the liquid foundation.

2. feel: when dry, feel elastic and good, the texture is delicate, soft, skin-friendly, which determines whether the concealing effect is sufficient and delicate.

3. water absorption: After the water is inflated, whether the moisture in the hand is easily squeezed out, and the rebound strength is fast. The sponge has good water absorption and the makeup effect will be more natural.

Customer use evaluation:

1. The flat-cut sponge puff, the overall appearance is small and exquisite, and the coin-sized flat-cut circular base is convenient for storage. After being moistened with water, it is fluffy and soft. Gently press on the face, soft and comfortable. The concealer on the face is evenly spread, the makeup is very moist, and the overall appearance is smooth. Even in the case of poor facial skin conditions, there is no need to worry about the occurrence of the toner floating powder problem.

2. sponge puff, small gap, this high-density material does not waste liquid foundation. The water can expand rapidly, the material is soft and delicate, the resilience is good, the makeup is applied, and the makeup is natural.

3. the degree of soft and hard just good, when the sponge is used, the powder is very docile, the face is not greasy. It is much easier to apply by hand than usual.

4. open the package is amazing by the value of the sponge, the color is full, feels smooth. The powder is even and full, very easy to use and worth buying.

5. feel great, very soft, do not waste liquid foundation on the makeup. When it's dry, it's small and soft. When you suck it, it becomes a little fat. It is very fun to pinch. The first time, the effect is very good, the color is good-looking, and the shape is very cute. Both wet and dry, whether it is sunscreen cream or loose powder, it is applied evenly and the makeup is natural. It is also very convenient to clean, and it is quickly cleaned with water. The product is great, recommended five-star praise!

6. Sponge puff does not waste liquid foundation, it is especially easy to use, especially meticulous and inexpensive.

Model Number: FP07D-OG
Material: Non Latex Sponge
Size: Diameter 4cm * Height 5.5cm
Quantity: 1
Item Type: Cosmetic Puff
Shape: Water Drop Shape
Color: Orange & Pink
Alias: Beauty Sponge Egg
Feature: Growing Bigger in Water
Life: Please Use a New Sponge Every 20-30 days So As to Prevent Bacteria